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Train as a Certified Sophrologist at the Sophrology Academy

Train as a Certified Sophrologist at the Sophrology Academy

With our next intake of Sophrology students due to begin their journey here at the Sophrology Academy, we thought this would be a perfect time to talk more in-depth about training with us, and the opportunities open to our students, both personally and professionally upon completing their programme. But first, if you don’t know much […]

Building a Case for Sophrology in Healthcare

We have seen incredible advancements in healthcare emerge over the last few decades. Pharmaceuticals and technologies are now better than ever at preventing, halting – or even reversing many of the illnesses that we complex organisms can experience. As a result, we seem to have wholeheartedly adopted the medical model of illness, meaning that we […]

Reconnected Leadership in an Era of Disconnection

We humans are such a vibrant, spirited, and inquisitive species. And yet, so much of our potential is getting lost in an environment that does not allow us to truly flourish. We have almost become used to living as thinking, feeling organisms in a society that has adopted a ‘machine-like’ structure; instead of ‘being’, we […]