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Sophrology Shown to Help with Perinatal Stress

Sophrology helps with Perinatal stress

Perinatal stress during pregnancy can be harmful to the developing foetus and newborn baby. Now sophrology has been shown to be a simple and effective method to reduce stress in pregnant women. A recent study assessed the impact of sophrology on perinatal stress monitored by cortisol level and found that the sophrology intervention reduced cortisol levels […]

The Power of Hope for Health and Wellbeing

In a world which can seem increasingly bombarded by negativity and uncertainty, hope feels more important than ever. But it’s not just wishful thinking; hope is emerging as one of the most important predictors of wellbeing, increasing coping skills and resilience in the face of challenge. When uncertainty prevails and setbacks occur, hope protects us […]

Teaching Teens Resilience through Sophrology: Nurturing the 3Rs for Success

In the past Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic were the 3Rs considered essential for success in life. In 2024 these 3Rs could be replaced with Reality, Rest, and Resilience. As the pace of everyday life increases and technology continues to shape how we learn, communicate, and entertain ourselves, it’s become increasingly vital to equip young people […]

Embracing Neurodiversity with Sophrology

Use of the term ‘neurodiversity” is becoming more and more common. It refers to a divergence in brain development, similar to biodiversity in the evolution in species. In simple terms, it means that people considered neurodivergent are born with a different brain wiring than the ‘neurotypical’ majority. This distinct wiring influences how they perceive, experience, […]