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Minds Behaving Badly: Taming the Brain with Sophrology

If you have ever watched ‘Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly’ on TV in the UK, you will have seen wayward dogs become perfect pooches through simple lessons in control. That control, naturally, comes from the owner who lets their dog know they’re in charge, providing safe boundaries through a disciplined approach. When dogs misbehave – perhaps […]

Barriers to Tackling Stress …and how Sophrology can help

Sophrology and stress blog

Highlighting the impact of stress through such events as Stress Awareness Day does more than raise awareness of its prevalence in our society. It is an opportunity for those experiencing stress to reflect meaningfully on what they can do about it. In a report from the leading mental health charity, MIND, research suggests that 74% of people in the […]

The Rise of Sophrology in the UK – and why it’s a Clever Career Move

The Rise of Sophrology in the UK - and why its a Clever Career Move

Sophrology is widely practiced across Europe, but is relatively new to the UK.  Now is the ideal time to take up training in this proven method of mindfulness and relaxation, as it steadily gains wider traction with UK employers, organisations and established therapists alike. Many of our students are professional coaches or therapists looking to […]