What is Sophrology?

The word Sophrology is rather a mouthful! It comes from Greek roots and means “the study of consciousness in harmony”. At the crossroads between Eastern and Western methods, Sophrology draws on autogenic training and other relaxation methods, yoga, Buddhist meditation and Japanese Zen. Its tools and methods have been inspired by these practices which have been reframed in a very modern and original way.


Florence Parot, founder of the Sophrology Academy, describes
where Sophrology came from and how it works

As a practice, it uses

Benefits of Sophrology - The Sophrology Academy

The wellbeing benefits of Sophrology

Helps you to release stress and develop resilience, cultivating a healthy attitude to adversity – Read more >>

Helps you to quieten anxious thinking and promotes the development of self-confidence – Read more >>

Promotes healthy sleep –

Helps you to adapt to change and approach the future with positivity – Read more >>

Helps you to discover your personal values and align your day-to-day life with what matters most to you – Read more >>

What Sophrology can help with

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The Sophrology Academy:

Our History

  • Established in 2010 by Florence Parot who trained at CEAS, one of the leading Parisian schools of Sophrology
  • Having experienced the power of Sophrology first-hand after burn-out, Florence wanted to bring the method to the UK where she was living at the time
  • In 2013 the school received accreditation from the prestigious Federation des Ecoles Professionelles en Sophrologie (FEPS) after meeting the stringent criteria for training of professional Sophrologists in France
  • Today the Academy continues to run the accredited Practitioner Diploma Programme from our birthplace in Kent and provides Continuing Professional Development for Sophrologists in London and online
  • Latest update: The Academy is now an affiliated school of the Société Francaise de Sophrologie, a network of Sophrology training centres dating back to the earliest days of the establishment of Sophrology in France
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