All our courses are geared towards one goal –
developing professional expertise in Sophrology.

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Our training philosophy is to take you on a journey where you first study your own consciousness and apply the mind-body techniques of Sophrology to improve your own life. Once you’ve experienced the benefits of Sophrology first-hand, you’ll be in an ideal position to help others find balance, improve performance, and overcome challenges.

All of our courses are very practical and involve a lot of face-to-face experiential learning. Our hands-on approach to your professional development puts you in the best possible position to start your new Sophrology practice or to take your new skills into your own line of work.

Our Courses

The Foundations Programme

  • Improve your own well-being and improve outcomes for your clients
  • Utilise the power of Sophrology to support your career as a therapist, clinician, teacher and more
  • Study for 1 year in a combination of face-to-face and online experiential learning
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The Practitioner Diploma

  • Qualify as a professional Sophrologist
  • Learn how to utilise the mind-body training of Sophrology to help yourself and others
  • Study for 2 years in a combination of face-to-face and online experiential learning

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Guiding Sophrology in English Certificate

  • For Sophrologists already qualified or working towards a diploma in French

  • Develop your Sophrology skills for an English audience and increase your client base

  • Study for 4 months in a combination of face-to-face and online learning

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Short Courses and CPD

  • For qualified Sophrologists to continue developing in specific branches of Sophrology
  • Grow your client base
  • Study at workshops arranged throughout the year
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Sophrology Advanced Levels & Specialist Diplomas

  • For graduates of the Practitioner Diploma and other qualified Sophrologists
  • Continue your journey into Sophrology with levels 5-12
  • Obtain recognition for expertise in a specialist area of Sophrology
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