Sophrology is a life-balancing mind-body technique for performance and wellbeing. It’s particularly well-suited to the work environment providing tools to use in the moment, in any situation.

How Sophrology can benefit your workforce

With our guidance, you and your employees will learn how to be at your best when you need it most. Once equipped with the tools we teach, you will

  • Know how to switch “off” and “on” at will
  • Remain in control
  • Be energised
  • Be clear-headed and focused
  • Build resilience
Class - The Sophrology Academy

What we do

We work with companies who need to perform at a high level and face challenges on an everyday basis. We develop bespoke programmes according to your needs and work towards maximising the potential of you and your workforce.

Our Sophrology programmes include;

  • Wellbeing programmes – Empowering people to manage their own wellbeing in a sustainable way
  • Leadership development – Preparing leaders to think, connect and perform in more efficient ways
  • Performing under pressure – Equipping team members to recognise and deal with reactions to stress and creating strategies to operate at ‘peak performance’ under these conditions

Countless corporations on the continent have used Sophrology to help their staff manage stress, pressure and reach their full potential.

Contact us to arrange a taster session and to discuss a solution to meet your needs.