Healthcare: HIV Counselling and Wellbeing

Healthcare-HIV Counselling and Wellbeing

The client organisation and context: Living Well

Funded by the UK National Health Service in 2002, Living Well is an NHS funded organization
that offers a wide range of health-related services aiming to increase confidence, improve
decision-making abilities and enhance self-esteem for people living with long-term conditions.
Living Well provides one-to-one and group support for individuals affected by sexual health
related issues.

Why and how Sophrology was used

Goals of the programme:
This programme was designed to introduce Sophrology as a new service, to offer a method
that can help participants to better cope with everyday challenges and to manage a load of
complex problems. Issues can be related to treatment and social life, such as self-esteem,
stress and anxiety, depression, addiction. Detecting mental health issues is an important step
towards strengthening patients’ ability to understand, adapt and overcome life’s problems and
work effectively to facilitate change, improving health objectives.

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