Could Virtual Reality be the solution to pain and anxiety? 

Could Virtual Reality be the solution to pain and anxiety?

In June I was invited to assist HealthyMind with the creation of English audio tracks for their virtual reality immersive experiences. It turns out that healthcare professionals in hospitals across France, Belgium and Switzerland have been using a new evidence-based medical device, based on virtual reality to alleviate pain and anxiety of patients.

The virtual reality immersions developed by HealthyMind draw on the expertise of renowned healthcare professionals, including Sophrologists. The solution integrates advanced psychological principles – ‘By using the brain’s cognitive capacities, we modulate pain pathways through visual and auditory stimulations, attention diversion and cognitive behavioural therapy’.

The effectiveness of virtual reality for pain management has already been established in numerous scientific studies, for example the paper titled Virtual Reality as a Clinical Tool for Pain Management which saysVR trials demonstrate a potential to redefine the approach to treating acute and chronic pain in the clinical setting.’

Sophrology has been used for more than 50 years by people in French-speaking countries to alleviate chronic pain. The combination of Sophrology with VR technology offers a powerful and exciting alternative to drug-based pain management.

I was very inspired by Co-Founder @Reda passion and energy for alleviating the experience of chronic pain without the use of drugs and their damaging side effects. His early talent for 3D modelling and animation combined with his own experience with family members who suffered from chronic pain have been key drivers of his company’s innovations.

In an article titled Virtual pain relief: could VR start a rehab revolution? published in Medical Technology magazine, authors ask whether the technology could even provide a solution to the current opioid crisis.

I am excited to be collaborating with the team driving this forward!

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By Liz Murphy
Executive Director of The Sophrology Academy