008 smallThe Sophrology Academy is the very first training centre in the UK teaching Sophrology: training fully qualified and recognised Sophrologists and offering its expertise to the general public.

The Sophrology Academy is a member of the prestigious FEPS (French Federation of Sophrology Professional Schools), recognised as a school of excellence in Sophrology.


Sophrology means “the science of the consciousness in harmony”. Created in Spain in 1960 by a neuro-psychiatrist, it is a life-balancing technique aiming at an alert mind in a relaxed body. At the crossroads between Western relaxation and Eastern meditation, it is simple and does not require complicated postures or large amounts of time each day.

Sophrology uses a very practical set of tools: relaxation, breathing, visualisation and simple movements.

Sophrology can help with: stress, anxiety, self-confidence, preparing for exams, speaking in public or interviews, pre and post-natal, sports mental preparation, stage performance, insomnia, burnout, chronic fatigue, pain, depression…


To discover Sophrology:
Sophrology group practice – Saturdays 4 to 5 pm – Concorde House Clinic, Canterbury – £10
Next dates: 26th July

Sleep Challenge:
If you are not sleeping well, are tired during the day and/or feel you could do with more energy – 5 group sessions on Mondays from 6 to 7 pm at Concorde House Clinic – £60
Next Challenge from 22nd September.  For enquiries, please email us at contact@sophroacademy.co.uk

Sophrologie Magazine N°4 has just come out! (in French). You can order it here: http://www.sophrologie-pratiques.fr/

Read about Sophrology: the very first book in English telling you all about it: Instant Serenity for LIfe and Work: An Introduction to Sophrology  by Florence Parot