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The Sophrology Method

The Sophrology Method by Florence Parot

The Sophrology Method: Simple mind-body techniques for a calmer, happier, healthier you. Sophrology is a transformative healthcare philosophy that is designed to help people achieve a calm, alert mind in a relaxed body. Inspired by Eastern philosophies and classical relaxation techniques, Sophrology will help you to become consciously, actively aware of yourself, how you feel, […]

The Life-Changing Power of Sophrology

The Life-Changing Power of Sophrology: A practical guide to reducing stress and living up to your full potential. Dominique Antiglio, a globally sought-after and highly praised sophrologist, guides you through the key exercises to manage stress, improve your sleep, prepare for events, boost your confidence and positively transform your daily life. By learning the basics […]

Guide de Sophrologie appliquee


This guide, aimed at Sophrology professionals in France has been written by 48 different specialists (Sophrologists, doctors, physiotherapists, psychotherapists…) on topics such as sleep, sports, education, pain management, eating disorders, stress… Do not miss our Director, Florence Parot’s chapter on burnout! (in French). Buy it here.