Instant serenity for life and work

Instant serenity for life and work by Florence Parot

If you have a busy life and cannot switch off, if everything around you is a whirlwind and you have no time to relax or slow down, this book is for you! In “Instant serenity for life and work”, you will find practical and easy tools that you can use on the go, simple exercises to help even when you have no time. They are ready to use and you can pick and choose, mix and match what feels right for you. Thanks to this book, you learn how to adapt more easily to the ups and downs of everyday existence and live a more serene life in a way that is very adapted to our fast-paced 21st century Western world.

This book is meant both as an introduction to Sophrology and as a practical guide for everyday life. Sophrology, described by his founder as a philosophy, a way of life, a therapy and a personal development technique, was created in Spain in 1960 and is extremely popular in continental Europe.

This book introduces it to the English-speaking public for the first time.

This 2nd edition is now available on Amazon in paperback.