Getting to know you – reconnecting with our Values through Sophrology

World Values Day is an annual campaign to increase the awareness and practice of values around the world. Values are the things that matter most to us. They are our motivators, the passion in our hearts, and the reason we do the things we do. 

This month’s blog can be found in a collection of blogs on the theme of reconnecting with our values written for the Global Values Alliance. In the blog ‘Getting to know you – Reconnecting with your Values through Sophrology’, we talk about values, what they are and how Sophrology can help us to reconnect body and mind to ‘tune in’ to what our bodies are telling us.

A Practice to Reconnect with your Values

Rather than just reading about it though, we’d encourage you to try a unique and powerful way to explore your values using both body and mind. You can access a recording of the Sophrology Practice: Reconnecting Mind, Body, Values guided dynamic relaxation session which took place on World Values Day, 21st October.

Now is the perfect time to deepen our understanding of our values and how they connect us with our sense of self, with others, and with the wider world. So, this World Values Day, let’s use our values to reconnect with one another and with what matters most in our lives.

Happy World Values Day!