Healthcare: Long Covid

This paper presents the evaluation findings of a Sophrology programme run for people with Long Covid in the Spring of 2021.

The Long Covid Participants

The Long Covid Participants An advertisement for the Sophrology programme was posted in two Long Covid groups on Facebook. This resulted in 10 women aged between 33 and 67 years volunteering to attend the course. They were all professional women including NHS clinicians, generally off sick from work with Long Covid or working reduced hours. A pre course questionnaire identified their Long Covid symptoms, other medical conditions, and psychological issues, Their most common Long Covid symptoms were fatigue, brain fog, sleep difficulties and joint/muscle pains. Psychological issues included anxiety, PTSD, burn out, and grief. The questionnaire also included WellBeing measures in order to evaluate the impact of the programme and identified the areas of Sophrology participants were most interested in.

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