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Sophrology in Wellbeing and Nature Connectedness Retreats


Since 2020, the Sophrology Academy has been partnering with Out in the Field, dedicated to providing nature connectedness retreats tailored towards supporting the wellbeing of NHS staff for the benefit of themselves, their teams and the health and care system. To date, Out In The Field has hosted over 800 participants through our unique one-day […]

Enhancing Wellbeing in Alcohol Use Disorder Recovery: A Study on the Impact of a Sophrology Intervention

Abstract Alcohol use disorder (AUD) represents a significant health concern globally with a link between mental health deterioration and increased alcohol intake. Post-sobriety, individuals often lack mental health support, increasing relapse risk. Improving the wellbeing of those in alcohol recovery could reduce the likelihood of relapse, prevent health-related concerns and reduce healthcare costs. This study […]

Sophrology for Chronic Insomnia

This study showed an improvement in patients’ perception of sleep quality after a programme of just 5 sessions of Sophrology. A greater level of activity during the day was a further benefit. Future research will need to monitor patients over a longer period of time to assess sustainability of improvements. Read about the study (in […]

Sophrology as a Global Wellness Tool: What the Research Says..

As a healthcare professional or therapist, it’s important to know that the complementary health practices that we use or recommend are effective and appropriate for our clients. Sophrology is no stranger to the rigours of scientific research, having been developed initially to become a scientific field in its own right. Over many years, its founder, […]

Sophrology and Tinnitus

Sophrology and Tinnitus

This study evaluated the efficacy of a Sophrology protocol adapted to the treatment of subjective tinnitus by determining whether this technique makes it possible to reduce the negative effects associated with tinnitus perception. Results demonstrated that Sophrology can reduce the intrusiveness of tinnitus. First assessment of Sophrology for the treatment of subjective tinnitus European Annals […]

Sophrology and oncology

Sophrology and oncology - The Sophrology Academy

Various studies have found Sophrology to be associated with a reduction in anxiety and pain in patients undergoing chemotherapy and interventional radiology. Improvements in coping mechanisms in children undergoing complex medical treatment is also highlighted. Sophrology for patients in oncology Soins –Nursing reference journal (La revue de référence infirmière) 2015 Nov;(800) Art/expressive psychotherapy and […]

Sophrology and respiratory disease

Sophrology and respiratory disease - The Sophrology Academy

Two studies: one showing increased benefits of using Sophrology alongside standard treatment for children with asthma and the other showing improved efficacy of Non-Invasive Ventilation for patients with acute respiratory failure. Efficiency of physiotherapy with Caycedian Sophrology on children with asthma.Paediatric Pulmonology: Vol 53 Issue 5 May 2018 Impact of Sophrology on non-invasive ventilation […]

Sophrology in the Perinatal Period

Sophrology and birth preparation - The Sophrology Academy

A number of research studies have been conducted on the use of Sophrology in the perinatal period, including an observational study that suggests that those who chose antenatal Sophrology for birth preparation developed a closer relationship with their infants. The value of Sophrology to ease the psycho-emotional impact of infertility has been reported, and a further […]