Sophrology in Wellbeing and Nature Connectedness Retreats


Since 2020, the Sophrology Academy has been partnering with Out in the Field, dedicated to providing nature connectedness retreats tailored towards supporting the wellbeing of NHS staff for the benefit of themselves, their teams and the health and care system. To date, Out In The Field has hosted over 800 participants through our unique one-day offer designed to facilitate rest, relaxation, and restoration. Our approach emphasises ‘whole person’ wellbeing and embraces the concept of ‘creative health’, innovative strategies that, despite their efficacy, have yet to be widely embraced as mainstream methods for supporting health and care professionals.

In 2023 Out in the Field worked in partnership with Ellana Hall, a Masters student of Creative Health at UCL, to assemble an impact evaluation on behalf of Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust. That study found that when healthcare staff engage in restorative practices, they are better able to support their patients.

Benefits include: 

  • Developing quality relationships
  • Building skills and capabilities for personal care and resilience
  • Experiencing relaxation and renewed energy
  • Reconnecting to sense of purpose

Read the Impact Evaluation Summary here.

Read the full Impact Evaluation Report here.