Stop the World! The Sophrology Path to Reconnecting with Ourselves and Others…

Life has changed, and for many, our ‘new normal’ means working around the needs of our children, running errands for others, and checking in regularly with loved ones. So when was the last time you ‘stopped’ the world and tuned in to yourself? Really tuned in, aware of your breathing, your thoughts – your very existence?

At the Sophrology Academy, we have many who come to us who are new to the idea of self-development; it’s too easy to get lost in the ‘doing’ of our day, and forget about simply ‘being’ in the moment. And we do live in a busy world full of distractions, quick fixes, and brief connections which fill our world – so it’s not surprising that many of us may feel that we are weakening – or even losing – our deeper sense of connectedness with the world.

But finding peace within ourselves allows us to create that ‘stop’, to become more self-aware, and in so doing, more aware of others and our relationships.

The Power of 3 Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation

Some of the techniques used to restore balance in our lives can be incredibly effective, providing a way to regulate our emotions, reduce stress and lift our spirits. Of these, Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation are among the most effective methods to regain control and adopt a positive attitude to ourselves and to those in our lives.

Yoga – finding Calm

Yoga exercises can be incredibly effective at gaining a sense of grounding and balance whilst building up your core strength – but it is also known for reducing stress and anxiety, and even reducing inflammation. The gentle movements inspired by yoga in Sophrology – known as ‘dynamic relaxation’, consist of a number of exercises which anyone can do, and doesn’t involve the complex shapes that many of us see in films! After just one session, clients feel calm and relaxed and ready to take on the day, which is why it has become so popular as part of a morning routine.

Mindfulness – being Present

Mindfulness has become increasingly adopted in the West as a tool for developing our self-awareness, being in the moment, and remembering who and what we are, rather than what we do. Its effects are profound – mindfulness, practiced in the morning, can set us up for the day with a calmness and purpose that helps us overcome daily stressors with resilience and positivity.

Meditation – nurturing Positivity

The practice of meditation has also risen dramatically over the last decade, as another tool which helps to reduce negative thoughts, sharpen focus and memory, and build resilience against stress. There are many ways to practice meditation, but guided meditations can be the most effective for those who are new to this relaxation method. Again, as part of our daily routine, a short period of meditation can change how we respond to the world and give us a deep sense of peace to prepare us for the day ahead.

Sophrology: the Ultimate Method for Finding Balance in your Life

Sophrology is a unique system which combines all of these techniques, taking the best of Eastern and Western relaxation and mindfulness practice, and combining them in a simple and straightforward method which both relaxes and energises body and mind. By learning the breathing exercises, dynamic relaxation techniques and guided meditations practiced in this system, you will gain a lifelong method to get you through life’s bumps, hiccups …and longer rockier roads.

..and as for our sense of connectedness; by being kind to yourself, you will find a greater awareness of those around you – who may also need to ‘stop’ the world for a while.

That is one of the most profound gifts of this system: Sophrology awakens a desire to share these tools and help others through a greater sense of gratitude, self-awareness, and understanding of our connectedness. We are all looking to live well; Sophrology offers a path to live our best life …and help others to do the same.

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