Since 2000, the FEPS (Federation of Professional Sophrology Schools) has been actively promoting quality training and recognition of the Sophrology profession.

All member schools are required to meet the FEPS quality standards of teaching.

  • CEAS in Paris
  • CFSP in Rouen & Caen
  • ESNE in Reims
  • ISH in Lille
  • ISR in Rennes
  • IFSMS in Limoges & Clermont-Ferrand
  • ISRA in Lyon
  • IFSR in Avignon
  • ISSO in Toulouse & Bordeaux
  • EFS in Montpellier
  • EFS in Reunion
  • The Sophrology Academy in Kent

You can find to more about the FEPS here

The FEPS also organises annual events, open to all Sophrologists.

Upcoming FEPS events

FEPS Conference: 60th anniversary of Sophrology
17 – 18 October 2020


More information and registrations here

Soprologie - The Sophrology Academy

Summer University

Takes place every second year in the month of July

See a short video of the 2019 Summer University held in St Malo in Brittany (featuring some of our own teachers)