Our course on the upper levels of Sophrology is ideal if you’re looking to study the subject at an advanced level. Having studied the first four levels of Sophrology on the practitioner course, you’ll deepen your knowledge on the advanced course by studying the Radical and Existential cycles covering levels 5-12.

You can also choose to complete one of our specialist diplomas which allow practising Sophrologists to specialise in a particular branch of study.

Advanced Levels Training

This course is perfect for graduates of the Practitioner Diploma who want to continue their journey into Sophrology. You will get:

  • A deepened understanding of the richness of Sophrology
  • A continuance of your own personal development and the unveiling of your consciousness
  • The ability to use the power of sound in your Sophrology work with clients
  • An understanding of the radical body, radical mind, soul and consciousness
  • The chance to explore the four existential values of Sophrology: Freedom, Three-dimensionality, Responsibility and Dignity

Programme Structure

You can register for the first module (Levels 5-6) as a standalone course. If you continue to the further levels, you’ll be required to register for all three remaining modules.

  • Levels 5-6
    Two workshops each consisting of 1.5 days online training.
    Each level requires 30 days of personal practice, after which you’ll need to provide a written submission of practice reflections.
  • Levels 7-12
    Six online workshops of 1.5 days each.
    Each level requires 30 days of personal practice, after which you’ll need to provide a written submission of practice reflections.

Entry Requirements:

  • Practitioner Diploma or Sophrology diploma from another school

Location: All workshops will be delivered online via Zoom.


Levels 5-6: £550
Levels 7-12: £1650
Payment plans available

Dates and registration:

The next course will start in September 2024.Please use the form to request an application pack with course dates and payment options.

Application deadline 15 August 2024.

Request an application pack or ask us a question here

Specialist Diplomas

To get a Specialist Diploma requires studying a minimum of 9 days chosen in the subjects of one specific branch of studies, a written dissertation on a subject relevant to that branch, and formal supervision. You can do this over a few years (no limit on the maximum number of years) but we do recommend a minimum of 2 years.

The four branches available are listed below with requirements for previous study in certain core subjects (at any Sophrology school):

The Health and Mental Wellbeing diploma requires
Health and Mental Wellbeing: Sophrology for Sleep, Stress and Anxiety Module or relevant professional experience.

The Sport and Performance diploma requires
Sports and Performance: Sport and Sophrology Module or relevant professional experience.

The Education and Family diploma requires
Education and Family: Children/Teenagers modules or relevant Sophrology professional experience.

The Leadership and Business Diploma requires
Leadership and Business: Stress management module or relevant Sophrology professional experience.