This is an advanced course for qualified sophrology practitioners. The course includes theoretical input, practices and case studies to develop your knowledge, skills and confidence to work with people in pre or post burnout.

From this course you will:

  • Gain a better understanding of what burnout syndrome is.
  • Learn the tools to easily adapt sophrology techniques and methods to adults and young people in pre or post burnout.
  • Be able to detect the early signs of burnout.
  • Know how to answer a growing demand of burnout and pre-burnout clients.

This course will give you a better understanding of what burnout really is and will help you work better with clients suffering from this syndrome or wanting to prevent it. The following topics will be covered:

  • What is burnout?
    • Definition, phases
    • History and anamnesis content
    • Typical profile and aggravating factors
    • Differences with depression
  • Sophrology in the pre-burnout phase
  • Sophrology once burnout has started

Entry Requirements: Sophrology diploma with at least an introduction to stress.

Course Fee: £175
Sophrology Academy graduates: 10% discount
ISF and TSN members: 5% discount

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This course counts towards the Health and Mental Wellbeing Specialist Diploma, the Sports and Performance Specialist Diploma, and the Leadership and Business Specialist Diploma

To obtain a certificate you will need to successfully complete the course assessment and provide evidence of your sophrology diploma qualification.

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About the Course Leader:

After going into burnout at the early age of 23, Florence learned how to rebuild herself from the ground up thanks to sophrology. She then worked for many years in high-performance environments within Strategy Consulting and International Logistics as a business manager.

She changed life 15 years ago and became a Sophrology practitioner. She has since been helping people with stress, burnout, anxiety and sleep issues in France and England. 13 years ago, she opened the first Sophrology training centre in the UK, The Sophrology Academy. She has since opened another school of Sophrology in central France. She offers wellbeing programmes and retreats and she is the author of several sophrology books, both in French and English, one having been translated in 5 different languages.