The Sophrology Method: Simple mind-body techniques for a calmer, happier, healthier you.

Sophrology is a transformative healthcare philosophy that is designed to help people achieve a calm, alert mind in a relaxed body. Inspired by Eastern philosophies and classical relaxation techniques, Sophrology will help you to become consciously, actively aware of yourself, how you feel, what you want and the environment around you.

Cited as ‘the new mindfulness’, Sophrology is a mind-body technique that uses a unique mixture of breathing and relaxation exercises, body awareness, visualization, gentle movement and meditation. It can be used by anyone, anywhere, at any time and has proven results.

Whether you want to improve your energy levels, focus your mind, build emotional resilience, manage stress and anxiety, achieve better sleep, boost your self-confidence or prepare for exams, interviews or public speaking, this book will teach you the tools and strategies you need to fulfil your unique potential.

“The Sophrology Method” is available in paperback and Kindle versions here.

The Sophrology Method Audio

Audio versions of 12 of the Sophrology exercises featured in the book are available to guide your practice, establish routine and bring Sophrology with you wherever you go.

The Body Scan

 (see page 20)

The Puppet

 (see page 36)

Focusing Exercise

 (see page 55)

Chest Breathing

 (see page 71)

Shoulder Pumping

 (see page 88)

Prepare for a Good Nights Sleep

 (see page 110)

Grounding: Rooted like a Tree

 (see page 121)

Prepare for Success

 (see page 140)

Anchoring Visualisation

 (see page 166)

Rotating Movement

 (see page 182)

Discover Your Life Values

 (see page 200)

Come Back in the Room

 (see page 20)

Instant Serenity for Life and Work: An Introduction to Sophrology 

If you have a busy life and cannot switch off, if everything around you is a whirlwind and you have no time to relax or slow down, this book is for you!

In “Instant serenity for life and work”, you will find practical and easy tools that you can use on the go, simple exercises to help even when you have no time. They are ready to use and you can pick and choose, mix and match what feels right for you. Thanks to this book, you learn how to adapt more easily to the ups and downs of everyday existence and live a more serene life in a way that is very adapted to our fast-paced 21st-century Western world.

This book is meant both as an introduction to Sophrology and as a practical guide for everyday life. Sophrology, described by his founder as a philosophy, a way of life, a therapy and a personal development technique, was created in Spain in 1960 and is extremely popular in continental Europe. This book introduces it to the English-speaking public for the first time.

« Instant Serenity for life and work” is available here.