Get the lowdown on mindfulness

Join this ½ day workshop to get to grips with Mindfulness as a cognitive behavioural therapy.

Many clients come to sophrologists with experience of mindfulness. Having a better understanding of what it is will enable you to more confidently engage your clients on their experience and better support them with sophrology. We are pleased to offer this introduction to Mindfulness as cognitive therapy to learn about the different types and structure of therapeutic interventions how they work for clients.

This workshop will give you:

  • Factual knowledge about Mindfulness, MBSR and MBCT
  • An understanding of the attitudes that underpin Mindfulness and the different types of meditations and tools available
  • An experience of several Mindfulness guided meditations
  • The opportunity to explore Mindfulness and its programmes in the context of what we do as Sophrologists, and what you might take away to enhance your own practice

Please note: this workshop is not a training in mindfulness but rather is aimed at developing a good understanding in order to work more effectively with others who have experience of MBSR and MBCT.

Date & Time: 16 October 2021 from 2:00 to 5:30pm UK time
Location: Online via Zoom
Course Fee: £30 + 10% discount for Sophrology Academy Alumni (£27)

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About Corinne:

An experienced Senior Manager, Coach and Mentor with a career spanning over 20 years, Corinne set up her Corporate Wellbeing Practice in 2020 to bring Sophrology to the Corporate world. She is originally from France,  settling in London in the mid 90’s where she built her career in the fast moving, demanding world of IT and Consumer Electronics.

Passionate about her own wellbeing and proactive self-development, Corinne realised that she wanted to work in a field that was more in line with her aspirations and where she could give something back. So, in 2017, she decided to re-train as a Sophrology Practitioner and graduated from the Sophrology Academy in July 2019. Corinne had also been practicing Mindfulness meditation and although she does not use it professionally, she decided to further her knowledge and train as a Mindfulness Teacher – she qualified in March 2019.

Corinne has a practice in East Sussex and London. She is currently on a career break whilst continuing her amazing journey into Sophrology as she studies the advanced levels 5 to 12.