Depression and Anxiety are the most commonly encountered mental health problems in the UK.

As well as being detrimental to well-being, they can affect people’s ability to reach their goals, tackle obstacles and improve their prospects.

Sophrology has many applications in helping sufferers of anxiety and depression. This workshop is a great opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the conditions and learn how to apply the techniques of Sophrology to improve outcomes for your clients.

During this workshop, you will

  • Improve your understanding of these conditions and some mechanism of your brain
  • Learn the correct attitude to adopt with your client if they suffer from these conditions
  • Learn to support your clients using tridimensionality of Sophrology in order to create a better future
  • Learn to understand the issues your clients are facing and how you can adapt your practice to facilitate positive change
  • Learn how to address specific phobias

This workshop counts towards the Health and Mental Wellbeing Specialist Diploma

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