This is an advanced course for qualified sophrology practitioners. The course includes theoretical input, practices and case studies to develop your knowledge, skills and confidence to work with older people. The course contains approximately 3.5 hours of theory and five sophrology practices.

The course will cover:

  • The specific needs of older people including physical, psychological and common health issues
  • Considerations for working one-to-one and in groups
  • Working with particular health conditions such as high blood pressure, shortness of breath, cardiovascular disease, strokes, Alzheimer’s and dementia
  • Examples of protocols and exercises for prevention and health improvement in various areas
  • A combination on theoretical input and client case studies

About the Course Leader:
Amelia Boullay is a graduate of the Sophrology Academy now practising in France. Although she works with all age groups, Amelia has found her work with older people particularly rewarding.


Course Fee: £175
ISF and TSN members: 5% discount
Sophrology Academy graduates: 10% discount

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This course counts towards the Health and Mental Wellbeing Specialist Diploma and the Education and Family Specialist Diploma.

To obtain a certificate you will need to successfully complete the course assessment and provide evidence of your sophrology diploma qualification.

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