The Rise of Sophrology in the UK – and why it’s a Clever Career Move

The Rise of Sophrology in the UK - and why its a Clever Career Move

Sophrology is widely practiced across Europe, but is relatively new to the UK.  Now is the ideal time to take up training in this proven method of mindfulness and relaxation, as it steadily gains wider traction with UK employers, organisations and established therapists alike.

Many of our students are professional coaches or therapists looking to extend their toolkit, or are individuals seeking to become Sophrology Practitioners as part of their career change plans.  Whatever your starting point, it’s important to know that you are working towards a financially viable – as well as rewarding – outcome.

Prospects for Qualified Sophrology Practitioners

Whilst many of our students set up as self-employed practitioners working with clients on a one-to-one basis, there are other great opportunities to consider, from partnership working, to delivering satellite courses, or securing Private and Public contracts in the health sector.

Private Sector: Sophrology is increasing in popularity with larger corporate entities as part of their induction process, or staff health and wellbeing initiative due to it’s ‘stress-busting’ techniques. Many therapists deliver private therapy as a complementary element to workplace Wellbeing Programmes.

Third Sector: Charitable organisations are continually seeking effective and economical therapies to help those suffering from physical and emotional trauma or long-term mental health issues.  Many therapists choose to commit a portion of their time to ‘pro-bono’ work (free), which is greatly appreciated by charities, but also builds important relationships with practitioners’ communities.

Public Sector: Educational, medical and Local Government bodies with a high rate of sick leave/absence are increasingly looking to EAPs (Employee Assistance Programmes) and therapy based services to maintain staff wellbeing. You can find frequent tender invitations for large and small contracts through their Public Contracts Portal.

These are just a few of the paths available to the qualified Sophrology Practitioner; however, it’s good practice to regularly explore local opportunities to guide your business decisions. Whatever path you choose, training with us at the Sophrology Academy will provide you with all the tools you need to be at the forefront of this exciting therapy movement in the UK.

Benefits of adding Sophrology to your Toolkit

Gaining a recognised qualification in Sophrology can open up exciting opportunities – but before we delve into these from a business viewpoint, there is a far deeper benefit to embracing it personally – that of your own self-development.  Training in Sophrology will help you to realise your own personal and professional goals through increased positivity, resilience and connectedness with the world around you, and to empower others to do the same.

That said, let’s look at the advantages of our Sophrology Programme from a professional perspective…

Sophrology can be added to your Coaching or Therapy ‘Toolkit’…

– Sophrology can be fully integrated with existing therapies, enabling professionals to broaden their client base, addressing a wider range of issues with which their clients present.

… and can be used for a wide Range of Client Goals

– Issues which Sophrology can help with include pain management, sleep, work burn-out, stress and worry, and self-esteem issues, amongst many others.

Empowers the client to take control of their situations

– Many comorbid factors (issues that arise as a result of another condition) can also be improved by clients through the relaxation, mindfulness and light yoga exercises which Sophrology incorporates.  By learning to self-regulate, clients feel empowered to work through emotional trauma and triggers with a greater sense of emotional control.

Sophrology practice is versatile and dynamic in its approach

– Importantly, the techniques are also very easy for clients to fit in to their busy lifestyles, resulting in more successful therapeutic outcomes for a greater number of clients.

It’s worth considering too that the relative recency of Sophrology in the UK as a therapy tool provides a key advantage for therapists.  Sophrology is increasingly being hailed as the new ‘Self-help Superpower’, providing those who practice the techniques, an effective way to deal with stress and anxiety on a day-to-day basis.

Studying at the Sophrology Academy

Our students come from a diverse range of backgrounds, but share some key qualities; a genuine curiosity about the role of consciousness in self-development; and a commitment to – and enthusiasm for – helping others.

We believe strongly that practitioners must experience the benefits of Sophrology techniques first-hand to be able to competently and compassionately deliver them to their clients.  This is why our training programme is delivered with a practical experiential approach, supporting our students to awaken their self-awareness and explore the benefits of Sophrology on a practical level.

Looking to learn the basics of Sophrology before moving on to the Practitioner Diploma? Our Foundations Programme is an excellent starting point for those who wish to complement their pastoral skills and consider Sophrology as a career. Our tutors will support and guide you through the programme to ensure a positive and rewarding experience at a pace which suits your needs.

All of our courses are designed to fit around work and family commitments, delivered one weekend per month for either one year (Foundation Programme) or two years (Practitioner Diploma) to allow students to maintain their existing commitments.

We also deliver a range of Specialist Diplomas for Qualified Sophrologists to aimed at specific areas of work:

  • Health and Mental Wellbeing
  • Education and Family Diploma
  • Sport and Performance Diploma
  • Leadership and Business Diploma

Come Train with Us at the Sophrology Academy!

Over the last 60 years, the benefits of Sophrology have been researched across a wide demographic including the corporate, health and educational sectors with consistent positive results on its effectiveness as a self-development and wellbeing tool.  And with rising demand on mental health budgets, mindfulness and relaxation based techniques offer an effective and economical solution. As a result, the practice of Sophrology is growing rapidly in the UK.

At the Sophrology Academy, we are at the forefront of this growth.  Accredited by the Complementary Medical Association, and the International Sophrology Federation, our Sophrology Practitioner qualification and professional membership will enable graduates to set up their own practice or add Sophrology to their existing professional toolkit.

So why not get in touch and find out more about training with the Sophrology Academy? Contact us for an informal chat about how we can help you change your life – and help others do the same.