What makes some of us so powerful?

What allows leadership to exist and grow?

These are the questions you’ll delve into on the Leadership and Team Building workshop.

The workshop will help you develop an awareness of your own leadership, give you tools to make it grow, and allow you and your clients to reach your full potential.

Team Building
When a challenge occurs, success is possible when all the members of the team can move together towards the same goal. This is where good leadership and a strong team building strategy are vital. This workshop aims to give you the tools you need to get the team where they need to be.

The structure of the workshop is

  • Step one: Be centred and listen to yourself
  • Step two: Be centred and connect to others
  • Step three: Moving forward together toward success

A prerequisite for this course is Stress management module or relevant Sophrology professional experience

This workshop counts towards the Leadership and Business Specialist Diploma.

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