Specialist Workshops

Designed for certified Sophrologists, these workshops allow you to become a specialist in your field of expertise and are part of your continuing professional development.

You can attend any workshop at any time as a stand-alone unit for the sake of continuing professional development and learning. You can also decide to study enough of them to get a Specialist Diploma.

Specialist Diploma

There are 4 branches to choose from:

Sports and Performance
Sophrology applied to Therapeutic Fields
Education and Family
Corporate Sophrology

To get a Specialist Diploma, you need to study a minimum of 9 days chosen in the subjects of one specific branch of studies and write a dissertation on a subject relevant to that branch. You can do that over a few years (no limit on the maximum number of years) but we do recommend a minimum of 2 years.
Any specialist subject studied at another FEPS school will be taken into account in the relevant field.
For some branches, there is a prerequisite core subject to have studied (at any Sophrology school) or equivalent professional experience.

Sports and Performance
(prerequisite: Sport and Sophrology Module or relevant professional experience)
7-8 February: Sophrology for Stage Artists – Aurélie Faller & Nathalie Bergeron-Duval
9-10 May (1.5 days): Preparing for Success with Sophrology – Mireille Barreau
10 May (1/2 days): Sleep Management for Sports- Mireille Barreau
11 May: Applied Sophrology for Runners- Mireille Barreau
26 June: Applied Sophrology for Golf (with golf practice) – Marco Gastaldi
Coming in 2018
Sophrology in PE in schools
Learning, motivation, focus and memory

Sophrology Applied to Therapeutic Fields
11-12 April: Sophrology to support cancer treatments – Isabelle Marcou
4-5-6 July: Sophrology and addictions – Benedicte Mannix
Coming in 2018
Working with burnout
Pre and post-natal Sophrology

Education and Family
 (Prerequisite: Children/Teenagers modules or relevant Sophrology professional experience)
Coming in 2018
« Play » Sophrology (« Ludique »)
Sophrology in PE in schools
Sleep management for children and teenagers
Sophrology at school
Working with the whole family

Corporate Sophrology
(Prerequisite: Stress management module or relevant Sophrology professional experience)
13-14 September: Creativity for Business – Nathalie Bergeron-Duval
18-19 October: Risk management and prevention – Helene Breton

Coming in 2018
Leadership and Values
Working with the corporate world
Team building
Resilience and Burnout

Stand-alone Modules 
29-30 November + 1 Dec: Levels 5-6 – Dorna Revie
16-17-18 May: Levels 7-8 – Dorna Revie
28-29-30 November: Levels 9-10- Dorna Revie

£ 120 per day
10% discount if you book at least 2 workshops (minimum 4 days in total) OR book at least 2 months in advance
15% discount if you book at least 2 workshops (minimum 4 days in total) AND book at least 2 months in advance
Payment by instalments possible.

Please note: Advanced workshops will only be confirmed if we have a minimum of 5 participants per workshop.  The sign-up deadline is 2 weeks before the workshop, a workshop may therefore be cancelled up to 2 weeks before.  Fees paid would of course be refunded in their entirety in such circumstances or placed towards another workshop, at your own choice.  But do make your own arrangements for travel costs (insurance etc) as we will not bear that cost.  If we were to cancel for a reason beyond our reasonable control and this even closer to the event than 2 weeks, the same terms would apply.

Contact us for details and application.

Supervision & Mentoring

The Sophrology Academy organises Sophrology supervision/mentoring as well as Business Coaching sessions to help you start/grow your business as a Sophrologist, in English or in French.  Contact us for more details.