In January 2000, the CEPS (Coordination of Sophrology Professional Schools) was born. Its aim was to establish a unified training course in Sophrology in order for practitioners to gain access to expert training with very high standards. In April 2011, the Coordination became a Federation of schools (FEPS).

The FEPS is very active in promoting quality and recognition of the profession. It also organises a yearly Conference in France, open to all Sophrologists.

Today, FEPS is made of 12 schools of excellence:

  • CEAS in Paris
  • CFSP in Rouen & Caen
  • ESNE in Reims
  • ISH in Lille
  • ISR in Rennes
  • IFSMS in Limoges & Clermont-Ferrand
  • ISRA in Lyon
  • IFSR in Avignon
  • ISSO in Toulouse & Bordeaux
  • EFS in Montpellier
  • EFS in Reunion
  • The Sophrology Academy in Kent

FEPS Sophrology Events to come:

Next FEPS Conference: 20-21 October 2018 – organised by the school of Sophrology in Lyon.
Register here now!

Next Summer University: in 2019 – watch this space for updates!

Sophrology Conference Nov 2013: online videos

Videos of the Conference are online and you can see them here. The Conference was in French but if you scroll down the page, you will find a bilingual Sophrology exercise guided by our very own Academy Director, Florence Parot, for an audience of 400 professional Sophrologists, enjoy!