Corporate training programmes

Consistent high achievements over years require more than willpower or a “keep going” attitude.  To be and remain at the top of your game, you need strategies, techniques and knowledge of how you function at your best.

We work with companies who need to perform at high level and face pressures and challenges on an everyday basis.   We teach them practical tools and techniques to be at their best when they need it most, know how to “switch off” and “on” at will, remain in control, have energy, focus, a clear head and build resilience.

Our main tool is Sophrology, very popular on the continent for nearly 60 years, it is a life-balancing mind-body technique for performance and wellbeing.  We think of it as super-charged, super-fast meditation.   Created in Spain in 1960 by a neuro-psychiatrist, Sophrology uses a very practical set of exercises that include relaxation, breathing, visualisation, focusing exercises and simple movements.  Countless corporations on the continent have used Sophrology to help their staff manage stress, pressure and reach their full potential.

The Sophrology Academy is the very first training centre in the UK teaching Sophrology: training fully qualified and recognised Sophrologists and offering its expertise at corporate level. Our trainers have many years of experience empowering teams all over Europe.  The programmes we suggest for companies are drawn for this expertise and are tailored to meet your particular needs for maximum business outcomes.

Examples of what we can offer:

High performance for business leaders: leadership for managers with a focus on their particular needs in terms of developing leadership skills further, gaining resilience, preparing leaders to think, connect and perform in more efficient ways.

Managing stress to the next level: how to recognise and deal with reactions to stress and pressure, and create a personal strategy for ensuring that continuing to operate at ‘peak performance’ under these conditions.

Contact us to explore solutions for your company further:
Liz Murphy []–Director of Research and Collaboration